The purpose of the au pair scheme is to give young people aged between 18 and 30 an opportunity to learn Norwegian and become acquainted with Norwegian culture through living with and participating in the daily life
of a Norwegian family. This contract regulates the conditions for the au pair’s stay, and states which rights and obligations the au pair and the host family have.

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Duration of the Contract Period

If the au pair is applying for the first permit from abroad, the contract will apply from the day that he/she meet the police to get the residence card. If the au pair is applying for the first permit from Norway, the contract and the permit will be valid from the date that the UDI makes the decision regarding the residency.

When changing host family, the contract applies from the date the au pair registers an online application in the Application Portal and books an appointment with the police to submit his/her documents

The au pair shall be treated as a member of the family and given an opportunity to actively participate in family life. The host family is required that the au pair is not subjected to harassment or other to ensure improper behavior, and that his or her integrity is not violated.


Termination of Contract

It is not always that the au pair-scheme works for one or the other party. Because the au pair is seen as in a potentially more vulnerable situation,the threshold for terminating the contract is lower.

• Both parties can terminate the contract by 1-month notice. The notice should be in writing.

• The host family must have reasonable grounds for terminating the contract by 1 -month notice. The notice should be in writing. Serious breach of confidence or gross breach (es) of contractual obligation can be valid reasons.

• That the au pair is not effective in his/her work or does not fulfill certain expectations is not reasonable grounds.

• During the notice period, the Au Pair normally has the right to stay with the family on the same ground as before.

• Both parties can terminate the contract with immediate effect if gross violation of the contract.

• Both parties must notify either the police or UDI if the contract is terminated before it expires.

• That the contract is terminated does not imply that the Au pair has to leave the country right away. An au pair can apply for renewal of the au pair-permit with another host family if she / he has a valid visa.

• Normally, UDI will send a warning letter of visa revocation if the au pair does not apply for a renewal quickly. After receiving this letter, the au pair normally has 3 weeks to give an answer before UDI will make any decision.

• An au pair can live and work with the new host family after he/she has had the personal appointment at the police and handed in the necessary documents of the application. The case handling time will be counted in the total time of residing in Norway.

• A person can have residency permit as an au pair in Norway for a maximum of 2 an au pair in Norway for a maximum of 2 years in total.