Caritas Bergen

Caritas Bergen is the Catholic Church’s charity organization in Bergen. We offer help to immigrant workers. We wish to open doors into the labour market for you.


Norwegian language training

Norwegian language is one of the most important tools you need to succeed in the norwegian society. We provide norwegian courses for different levels in accordance with the european framework for languages.

Self-Help Groups

Caritas Bergen runs self-help groups for our users. Each group consists of 7 participants and one coordinator. The purpose of the self-help groups is to motivate and teach the members how to manage themselves in Norway.



At our office is located at Sigurds gate 8 . You may receive information, guidance and help when you arrive to Bergen to apply for work. We will help you write your CV, give you information and try to open doors for you on the job market.

Find your place in the Norwegian market.

We will help you.


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Sigurds gate 8,
2nd floor
5015 Bergen


Opening Hours:

9:00 – 14:00


Contact Us:

@ 919 20 202