There are certain requirements that the host family needs to fulfill, these requirements can be found in the UDI circular 2012-015.

• You can be a couple, married or cohabitant, with or without children.

• You can be a single parent but must have at least 50% of the daily care of the children

• If your children are over the age of 12, you must pay employers tax as according to the Tax Office.

• You cannot be a relative of the au pair.

• UDI can dismiss the application if one or both host parents come from the same country as the au pair, as the purpose of cultural exchange may not be met.

• To be an au pair in Norway, one needs a valid residence permit. EEA-citizens already have a residency permit for 3 months after arrival, but non-EEA-citizens must apply for a residency permit before entering the country. The requirements for being an au pair is described in the UDI circular 2012-015.